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Fire Safety Solutions

In addition we are performing filling, renewal and inspection of every kind of fire extinguishers, installation of fixed-fire fighting systems, service of every kind of fire fightingequipments and hydrostatic test.

Load Testing

GSS German Ship Safety, offers waterbag load testing. Waterbags provide a flexible means for all forms of load testing or ballasting in lieu of traditional dead weights.

Using certified water bags, we are capable to exceute load tests on cranes/lifting appliances,davits.lifeboats.

Lifeboats & Davits Appliances

We performs annual and five-yearly inspections and tests of lifeboats, rescue boats, life rafts, and davitswith according to the latest IMO and SOLAS regulations and all manufactures whom we represent.

Liferaft Solutions

We provide in-house liferaft service and complete safety solutions. we tend to are equipped to service and repair rafts from four man to sixty five man rafts, life jackets, yolks, Dan Bouys and Jon Buoys.

Safety Equipment Supplying

We have 20+ yeaars experience in the supply of marine safety equipment including life rafts, lifejackets, immersion suits, rescue boats, pyrotechnics Canvas/PVC covers and various other pieces of marine safety equipment.

Calibration Services

We offer supply & services of calibration of measuring equipment on board (gas detectors, UTI devices, fixed gas detection systems, pressure & temperature calibrators, pressure gauges, thermometers, alcometers, calibration gases).